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Whether it's learning more about what we believe, getting to know our pastors or finding information about our local area, you'll probably find what you're looking for here. Take a few minutes and read through the information we have assembled, and if you find you still have questions, we'd love for you to call us at 231-533-6333 or drop us a line on our contacts page.

Leadership Team

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This page will contain information about Living Word North's leadership team. At the very least, this section should cover the pastors, but it can also be expanded to include the worship leader, helps minister, head deacon/usher, head elder, etc.


Meet Our Pastor

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This is a photo of our pastors, Brad and Lynnsey Klooster.

Brad and Lynnsey Klooster began serving the congregation of Living Word North in July 2009 after Brad’s father, Pastor Gerald Klooster, was killed suddenly in a motorcycle accident in June 2009.

In spite of this tragedy, they transitioned into the pastoral role, and have grown to love and cherish the members of their flock.

Brad is ordained and Lynnsey is licensed through Mark Barclay Ministries in Midland, Michigan.

They have submitted their lives in ministry under the guidance of their pastor, Dr. Mark T. Barclay of Living Word International Church. They are committed to bringing the gospel message of Jesus Christ to northern Michigan in a relevant and meaningful way.

Brad and Lynnsey were married in 2002. They have since completed their family with the additions of their three boys Blake, Braydon, and Benjamin.

Although they don't have exciting salvation stories about their heart-stopping encounters with sin and death, they both have testimonies of God’s everlasting love and kindness in their lives. They were both raised in christian homes, and have served God from young ages. They have always been in an environment where God's presence was touching their lives. They want to share this life-changing message of Jesus with the people whom they come into contact on a daily basis.

Their vision is to see that every person will have the chance to truly experience Jesus in their lives. They feel that God's presence in their lives is not only a wonderful blessing, but a necessity for living in these last days.


Tribute to Pastor Gerald Klooster

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This is a photo of the late Pastor Gerald Klooster and his lovely wife Patti.

The Congregation of Living Word North salutes the life of Pastor Gerald Klooster. To his congregation, he was a strong, bold, motivating, and passionate leader who taught the Bible with conviction. To so many others he was an influential, respected, honored, and dearly loved friend.

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Statement of Faith

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As much as anything else, a church is known for what its people believe. In the spirit of Habakkuk 2:2, here is a summary of our beliefs: our Statement of Faith.

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