Ignite Youth Ministries

“...for our God is a consuming fire."—Hebrews 12:29

The vision of Ignite Youth Ministries is to see the young people of this generation completely consumed with God, His word, and His love.

The junior high and high school years are some of the most crucial years of our lives, since we must make many of our most important decisions during this time.  We are dedicated to helping young people deal with these decisions and help them find Biblical answers to the questions they face every day. We want to help every young person realize that God is alive and well, and that He wants to be a part of their everyday lives. That realization can bring a true understanding of their full potential in Jesus Christ. We are striving to help young people experience Jesus through involvement in our local church, weekly youth group meetings, dynamic Bible teaching, worship services, annual conferences, monthly activities, and much more.

Ignite Youth Ministries is an environment where you will be accepted, loved, and challenged all at the same time. We’re not perfect, but we are real. We are real people looking for real answers for our lives. If you are searching for reality in the midst of a confusing world, come join us!

Ignite Youth Ministries is for grades 7 through 12, and meets every Sunday evening at 6:00pm after praise and worship.