The people of Living Word North understand the value of safe, fun, loving, quality child care. We screen those who wish to work in our nurseries and keep their paperwork on file. We also participate in the Required Reporter Program, as is required by the State of Michigan.

Our nurseries are modern, clean, and organized, providing the appropriate equipment and personnel needed to care for infants and toddlers. As members of the church, those who care for the babies are alert and careful to attend to every need. We know the value of the parent’s time away in the main church service. The infant and toddler nurseries are available every service, for birth up to age 4.

LWN workers are aware that they should bring a spiritual savor to our nurseries. This happens by praying for the children, singing to them, and speaking goodness and love to them, even if they seem too young to understand.

Upon occasion, a little one will require the attention of a parent, which we are quick to make available. If your child needs you, our nursery attendants will communicate with an usher, who will quickly locate you and let you know that you are needed.

Coming to church should be a positive and relaxing family event. Be assured that your children will get the best of care while in our nurseries.