Sunday School

Sunday school can touch the lives of everyone in the church congregation, from the very young to the very old. It is one of the most exciting areas in ministry! The joyful sounds of children laughing, playing, singing, and learning about Jesus can be heard echoing through the halls of our church.

The purpose of our Sunday school program is to lead children from preschool through 6th grade to Christ by instilling the basic Biblical foundation that leads to a personal relationship with Jesus and a sound familiarity with His Word.

Our workers strive to demonstrate the true love of Jesus through their interactions with each child. We use music, puppets, Bible stories, crafts, and exciting games to help children get to know Jesus and understand their value to God, each other, and to the local church. The Biblical truths given to these children will not only strengthen their relationships with their friends and families, but help them overcome the struggles of living in this world.

Our Sunday school children and workers are a vital part of our local church body.  We want our children to understand that going to church is an important, exciting, and rewarding part of their Christian walk.  Church is a place where they can find love and acceptance.  We also believe that it can give opportunity for kids to be involved in sharing the love they have found by ministering to their community.    
We are training faithful Christians, one child at a time!

Sunday school meets every Sunday morning at 10:00am after praise and worship.